Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Favorite Cupcake

Yesterday I made cupcakes and unbelievably enough, forgot to take pictures! Not that they came out super amazing, I mean I did try this new technique of filling the center with chocolate which I thought was awesome but I know it's probably so old hat for an expert.
So anyway, it was a lot of work, work whose proof should have been saved for posterity. I think. Because seriously, a pretty cupcake is an underappreciated art.
In light of that fact here are some of my favorites...

(That last one is a fakie my sis got me from here but I like it.)
I apolagize for not citing my sources; some are from Marthie's cutest cupcake contest, some are from Flickr accounts, others I just don't know.
P.S. When making cupcakes do you always run out of frosting too?

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