Monday, September 15, 2008


This blog was started so that I could have a place to go more in-depth about my dolls, since I would one day like to open on-line shop for them, as well as other things. I hope to include more information about the dolls themselves, materials used, inspiration processes, and any other things that also relate to the subject of art, crafting, creativity, cupcakes, hand-made art dolls and my own cupcake dolls.
I am unable to work regularly due to my health (food/environmental allergies, chronic fatigue, anemia...) and even though I have a few odd jobs here and there, I'm just not able to maintain a regular work schedule.
But I really do enjoy pretty things - looking at them and making them, so I figured I'd give this "creative employment" buisness a try.
More to come.

Meanwhile, hope you enjoy!

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